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Sex And Routine

For Couples

No one doubts that routine makes part of the human life since birth. The human being gets in tune with the daily routines throughout the growing process, gradually. Hygiene and feeding customs as well as sleeping patterns and house chores, all of which make part of an individual's daily routine whether infant or grown up. Slowly but surely, the human being incorporate new duties, as sex, that in turn would lead to new commitments.

The same goes with sex in interpersonal relations. Thus, people get to know each other and settle down by fine-tuning. When starting a brand new relationship people tend to be rather daring, romantic and somewhat creative, hence reflecting their personalities and desires.

Fantasies, movies, voyages and also sightseeing are taken by the couple with aims to come together and strengthen relationship bonds in that sex is fun. The couple in this phase is so deeply taken by sheer emotions and instincts that there would be no time-lapsed left for routines.

As time goes by, the same couple, so active before, noticeably begins to follow a routine even without realizing it. Fantasies, movies and strolls diminish or end altogether resulting in resignation, and so does sex. And yet sex might be fun, but a decrease in frequency is perceptible.

Apparently, sooner or later couples fall into that routine (stuck in a rut). The reasons are innumerous- work commitments (excessive workload), lack of communication as in worn out relationship, offspring and the couple's adjustment itself, amongst others.

All outlined above makes part of modern living. Even though, women are more likely to resent this phase further or, at least, manifest with more clarity how they feel and perceive towards daily routine. To single out, their majority misses the romanticism that was left behind.

Disregarding the reasons that a couple would fall into commonplace, truth is, both must come to terms with what they could and need to ultimately improve their relationship, sex inclusive. A little romance with cuddles and caresses beckons at any given moment of their lives. A candle lit dinner lavishly seasoned with romantic music of a choice turns out highly invigorating, as nannies are available for the toddlers, to just the two of you bringing back the good moments.

In breaking the routine creativity is paramount. Movies ranging from romance to eroticism, soft porn to hardcore may turn highly inspirational. A strip tease performed under the spotlight proves worthwhile. An unexpected gift, cards with surprisingly saucy messages, along with an out of the blue invitation for the odd weekend, are some of the ideas that can surprise your other half and implement interaction further as well as the sex drive. The name of the game is self-initiative.

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

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