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Sex and Libido

Sexual Pleasure

From all of the female sexual dysfunctions, perhaps the most widespread in the clinical practice being the loss of libido or the accentuated diminishing of the sexual interest.

Such loss may be abrupt or insidious, that is, progressive decrease until the total absence of interest towards sexual relation.

Factors that lead to such loss of sexual interest generally are multicasual, and almost in their totality of psychogenic origin. There are those who since the beginning of sexual life, always feel little if none urges to have relations, but in counterpart, there those who always been quite active, in a sexuality standpoint, who in a given moment watched their libido diminish and even so disappear.

The vast majority of women, who seek aid by this complaint, do so by fear of loosing their partners, whose by demand starts to notice the lack of interest and demand a solution.

Almost always the loss of desire is generalized, in other words, there is no desire by any object in special, although in few cases the loss of desire being selective, as for example absence of desire for the partner, though desire towards other men.

An interesting fact is that almost totality of them women referred loving their partners and can’t come to terms with such loss of libido.

As it so happens, the lack of desire interferes in the whole remnant of sexual response, since the arousal phase gets compromised more often than not rendering orgasm implausible.

Many remark that as far as they concern sex is no longer necessary and that they only do so in order to please their partners.

That renders them extremely unhappy, for they would delight to take the most out of the relation and by so-pretending interest feel minimized and somewhat prostituted and exploited.

The pharmaceutical industry has conducted surveys on medication capable of triggering sexual desire at cerebral level.

Nevertheless, currently the Sexual Therapy is still the only treatment capable of restituting, if not in its totality at least partially, the lost libido, so as to get back to a normal wholesome sexual life and so- prevent conjugal crisis that may more often than not lead to separation.

It is in therapy that the patient and therapist would seek out the causes to treat them and modify therefore the endeavor. The state of affairs likewise the routine of relation and settlement of the couple nearly always make presence in the geneses of dysfunction of desire hypoactive.

Adjustments in demeanors as well as drills of accuracy and attempts to halt the automatism of the mechanism of relation being present most often as a manner of treatment.

Anyhow it is always sensible to remind that sex plays a significant role in our lives, as somewhat instinctive and its deficiency usually brings about repercussions in conjugal life and interpersonal in all the sectors of our relations.

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

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