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Sex Deviations


Sex deviations, a.k.a. paraphylia there can be found in every corner of the planet. Our perceptions though, may vary accordingly to cultural background. It means that something regarded as sexual deviation by some, there might be viewed otherwise as regular and normal. Matching, thus, surroundings and cultural aspects of so many others as feedback. Some sex deviations as such there maybe exist unconsciously dormant inside each one of us, overridden by our ego’s defense mechanism.

Most of which might be so ego suppressed inasmuch as revealing their true colors solely under the guise of sexual fantasies. An individual’s sexual deviation as lust and attraction would be directed toward objects as well as unorthodox behavioral, which ends up labeled as sexuality perversion within a particular culture. Most often than not this individual holds acting out sex positions as the main and foremost source of sexual pleasure, which denotes degeneration of the defense mechanism and liability to psychotherapeutic treatment.

Since are both genders prone to this type of fixation, so to become compulsively acting individuals.

Take exhibitionism, for instance, a compulsive obsession for showing genitals or inviting strangers to engage in sexual intercourse, all of which usually acted routinely at the same location. This sexual practice seemingly more popular amongst men, as women adepts are nevertheless in small scale. As main characteristic entails the absence of physical contact, showing off therefore epitomizes sexual delight. When watched and so realizing it, some women subtly allow onlookers to access visually their best (hidden) body parts (buttocks, thighs, breasts and even privates), so much so as deriving copiously charged sexuality arousal with no sexual deviation connoting.

By the same token, Voyeurism or Mixoscopy translates the act of witnessing delightfully someone you hold dearly having it off with a total stranger. Since voyeurism is held in high regards by the male contingent, if rendered the only source of sexual gratification, it becomes sexually deviating. At its best, couple’s interact with each other’s by swapping partners seeking mutual satisfaction, at its worst, men deliberately offer their best halves to happy go lucky sort of characters, seeking to attain self-satisfaction while watching their loved ones at it. I must reiterate that there would only exist deviation when this practice turns almost exclusively, otherwise we’d be all liable to be tagged mentally ill. Haven’t anyone of yours, by any chance, ever felt aroused when peeping through the key hole or while watching out of your window view that couple having it off with windows left open?

We could refer to Pedophilia as deviation with regards to cultural background, a dreadful sexual attraction for children in all senses that is. Despite the efforts of the international community in fighting Pedophilia, there is yet common practice in places like Central Australia (going down under?), India, and New Guinea. Yet, Bestiality or Zooerasty referred as attraction by animals and sex positions with animals as healthy a sexuality practice as regular for some peoples.

There are just as many other classified sexuality deviations, for some imply in unlawfully crime. Fines and punishments are, at times, applied on individuals in need of concomitantly psychotherapeutic treatment. Take a peek of your best sex view but don’t forget to ask permission beforehand.

By Darci L. D. Janarelli

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