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Female Orgasm

For Females

Feminine orgasm has always been an interesting and fascinating subject. Unlike the masculine orgasm, visible by the ejaculation of semen, the feminine orgasm lacks of the evident signals that can prove the reach of orgasm. Perhaps, it is why feminine orgasm has been so mysterious for both men and women.

Well, we can start saying that a similar pattern for feminine orgasm does not exist. Different women experience distinct sensations, intensity and duration. Then, it is difficult to fully describe the feminine orgasm. Nevertheless, we can describe in 4 stages the cycle of Sexual Answer of a woman, which shows what happens when a woman is excited during any sexual act, or during masturbation or intercourse. These 4 stages have been denominated as excitation, plateau, orgasm and resolution.

It is important to mention that these stages do not have a noticeable beginning or end, but it happens like a continuous process during the sexual answer. And in women, this cycle delays generally about 15 minutes, unlike men who usually reaches orgasm between 3 and 5 minutes. Therefore many women do not succeed in reaching orgasm.

First stage, denominated excitation, can last o­nly minutes or several hours after initiated the erotic stimulation. Generally, this phase begins 10 to 30 seconds after stimulation initiates. The woman physically experiences the lubrication, expansion and growth of vagina, a swelling of greater and smaller lips of vagina, clitoris and breasts. In addition, there is an acceleration of heartbeats, arterial pressure and breathing.

On second phase, denominated plateau, the changes experienced in the excitation stage are accentuated. The vaginal lips are thickened and a slightly change of color occurs, in addition, the vaginal walls gets full of blood and the vaginal orifice grows. The clitoris too gets filled with blood and becomes tumid. Like o­n the first stage, the heartbeats and pulse keep o­n accelerating. In addition, the muscles of the thighs, hips, hands and rumps are tightened. In this phase, a reddening of skin can take place, what generally occurs in stomach, chests, shoulders or face.

Third phase, the orgasm itself, is the climax stage of the cycle and generally is the shortest stage, lasting o­nly seconds. In this stage, a woman experiences an involuntary muscular series of contractions in the vagina, uterus and/or rectum, which are very pleasurable. The number and duration of these contractions depends o­n each woman. In this stage, the speed of breathing, pulse and arterial pressure achieve maximum acceleration. Muscular tension also arrives at its higher point, usually accompanied by muscular twitches in hands and feet.

The fourth phase, the resolution is characterized by the return to the rest state. This phase can last from 5 up to 60 minutes. In this phase, uterus and clitoris return to their normal positions, a slackening of the muscles takes place, a reddening of skin and the swelling of certain parts disappears. During, this phase, some women can respond right after an additional stimulation of orgasm, unlike the man.

It is important to mention that orgasm in a woman, is a behavior that is learned and not something that you born knowing. To obtain the first orgasm is a process, which requires practice and much patience. Unlike men, who tend to masturbate themselves from very young, women begin to experience their sexuality much later. In many cases, this turns more difficult the obtainment of orgasm.

In fact, it is also important to remember that many women in their majority need to be directly stimulated at the clitoris and then being able to reach orgasm. That is to say, o­nly penetration isn't enough to the obtainment of a woman's orgasm. In many cases, during the vaginal penetration, the clitoris does not receive sufficient stimulation. For that reason is necessary to resort to a manual, oral stimulation or other positions that provide direct and consistent stimulation to the clitoris.

Finally, the vagina's lubrication is important to women achieve orgasm, as it is the clitoris stimulation. A vagina that is not lubricated enough results in a painful penetration, blocking the fulfillment of pleasure, and therefore, halting women from reaching orgasm. Because of this, it is so important that a woman receives sufficient erotic stimulus during the excitation phase, previous to the penetration, to being able to lubricate the vagina and obtain an expansion and growth necessary to receive a penis. A rule of thumb to follow is that the woman dictates when penetration should take place. That way, she ensures readiness to lodge in a penis.

The secret to obtain great pleasure out of a sexual relation is the knowledge of what happens in our body, equally in your pair and much communication.


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