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The Chemistry of Pleasure

Sexual Pleasure

Segments of the pharmaceutical industry have currently been dedicating to research substances capable of interfering with libido and sex drive aimed to benefit those with dysfunctional desire as well as sustaining male erectile potency.

In 1998, after several researches Viagra was launched out in the market, which revolutionized the treatment of erectile disturbances. Interestingly, the chemical compound Sildenafil was being tested as antihypertensive drug during phases of researches without plausible results. It was then observed a rather interesting collateral effect on a large number of men using it. It was reported that during treatment men showed sustainable erection as consequence of the medication, of which, since then has begun to be researched as oral medication capable of promoting adequate erection in men with erectile dysfunction.

Pharmacopoeia have ever since been developed on that ground, for drugs up to which point were injectables (Papaverine and Prostaglandin), all of which were being administrated directly on the penis' cavernous body and thus promoting instantaneous erection with undesirable side effects such as priaprism (painful lasting erection).

Shortly after Viagra came along others such as Levitra (Valdenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafila), both displaying similar characteristics. As opposed to injectables that produce almost instantaneous erection without sexual desire, oral drugs compulsorily require sexual arousal to come into effect.

Another important effect observed in such medications is decreased refracting period, that is, the period between the organism's resolution up to the threshold of a new sexual incursion.

Recent researches have sought answers in our hormonal make over. It's known that testosterone is one of the most potent androgenic as far as sexual desire in men and women concerns, and a drop in its level leads to progressively lack of sexual desire. All that would explain further the decrease in libido after the fifth or sixth decade of life for both genders. There isn't a consensus among specialists over which dose would be ideal for testosterone replacement in women, much less on long term collateral effects.

It's known that hair growth, high levels of cholesterol and the likelihood of certain types of cancer might be associated to testosterone usage in women.

Another researched drug with encouraging results mainly in regards to the increase of libido in women is Chlorinate of Bupropione an antidepressant that acts by blocking the re-uptake of norepinephrine and thus increasing concentrations of noradrenaline and dopamine, being responsible for the feel good factor and sexual gratification.

Studies indicate an increase in desire and sexual arousal in women with desire deficiency and healthy love relationships after using Bupropione.

In brief, a new experimental drug named PT-141, a.k.a. lust spray, that promises to revolutionize dysfunctional libido. In contrast to the other drugs available that act peripherally, PT-141 acts on a central level, in a region of the hypothalamus, from which responses of sexual stimuli originate.

If those researches confirm its safety and efficacy, soon there might be available such a substance capable of sexually arousing any one almost immediately with a single nasal spray.

Meanwhile, since such a wonder isn't up for grabs as yet, let's make up for it with the pharmacopoeia currently used, bearing in mind that only health professionals can safely guide on and adequately prescribe medications within safety limits.

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

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