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Demystifying Sex Myths


It's well known that sex is a controversy-ridden subject. Usually, it's said that sex, consequently, the human sexual behavior, it's a result of various schools of thought of a particular age, that is, sex has always suffered and will continue to suffer influences of social factors as well as economical, political, religious, climatic, ethnical, sensorial, regional and of survival from an era. Thus, throughout history several myths had been created. Showed here, are some of the most frequent ones, which I'll try my best to shed light on.

Women aren't into sex; regarded as plain truth, until recently, when women, would talk little or nothing about sex, due to as macho a culture as oppressive, which prayed that a young girl from a well-to-be family is indifferent to sex.

At present, it's known that women enjoy sex as much as men, being capable of exercising their sexuality with more liberty.

To have sex during pregnancy puts the baby in jeopardy; so would believe some women yet, who, in having sexual relations during gestation, might cause harm to the baby.

There accounts of which women can have highly pleasurable relations during this period. The practice of sex in this period, is good for you, much as for her self-esteem as for the couple themselves. In case of a healthy gestation, she can have sexual relations until prior childbirth. The best of sexual positions for this period as follows, coming from behind, squatting positions and side-by-side. So much for romance.

A woman only reaches orgasm in penetration; normally, sexual relation implies in penetration. There are women who have difficulty in reaching orgasm by penetration alone, the vast majority requires clitoral stimulation. That means that there other means of reaching orgasm for a woman.

Foreplay for one, as important as penetrative sex itself. Masturbation, whether solo or partner performed, it's capable of ensuring orgasm. Today's couples have been placing significant emphasis on foreplay, as aid in the way of inducing pleasure.

A man knows when a woman reaches orgasm; if any man is heard saying that or something like it, beware, he might be fooling himself. Any woman knows that she can fake. Mostly those who states that never had an orgasm or that has difficulty in reaching it.

Men are unable to fake orgasm; perhaps such myth has been conceived, owing to the belief that the male orgasm only takes place if ejaculation occurs-that is so hard to mimic. A man is not only capable of such cheat, is also capable of orgasm with no ejaculation- experts argue that the euphoric sensations of orgasm differ from the ejaculatory process per se. When this happens, accounts describe orgasm without ejaculation, as so or even more pleasurable, as orgasm with ejaculation. By the way, such are phenomena that go alongside, in most cases.

Off course, apart from those, there are other myths, which you should get to know.

The most important thing is that when you talk about sex, to know how to distinguish myths from tales and superstition that engulf the subject. Discerning, in relation to what is true may not improve a couples' sexual performance, but surely will increase their confidence.

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

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