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Almost every woman in this world wish to raise kids at one point of their lives. As far as we concern there would be easier to achieve this objective at current circumstances. With the tantalizing progress in science like the artificial insemination, such an unlike way to get pregnant, along with the regular common relation that involves sexual intercourse.

There’s the importance of having a solid foundation as in financial support and maturity besides an awesome relationship, preferably stable union, (a civil marriage, guaranteeing a safe childhood), own a house as established economic structure - kids are expensive – and mostly: an everlasting patience and boundless love for children, two of the indispensable characteristics of any decent parent.

To a good fetus development, the mother to be needs to be careful about alcohol and smoking. It’d better for her not to be around when there’s someone smoking, and if you think you can smoke and drink just a little bit, forget about it. The baby will display abstinence symptoms and worst, will become lazy, and aside heaps of other problems. About other drugs, needless to say that if you’re in it, you’re unprepared to have kids. The would be mother shouldn’t use any medication before consulting her doctor, and its important to visit him/her every month, it’s called Prenatal.

Modern society does not regard the pregnant as a sick person, anymore, like in the past. She can do some light exercises as yoga, it’s good for both of them, especially for breathing function, and nowadays women proudly show their big bellies, pregnancy being assumed as an important phase of the sexuality.

During pregnancy, her body goes through many changes. Some common symptoms of early pregnancy include missed period, nausea, breast tenderness, frequent urination, tiredness; mood swings and as time flies by, things get real different, inside and outside the pregnant body.

In the old days, to see women putting more than 15 pounds was normal. We now know, it is important to fatten just about necessary, such helps on the psychological part, seeing that you feel more comfortable and after pregnancy you can get back on your old figure quite easily. That’s the reason why you should pay attention to your weight. In this instance, by rubbing Aloe Vera cream or grape seed oil on your skin, mainly around your abdomen, you may prevent possible future stretch marks.

All these precautions help to jack your self-esteem up. Do your best, and refrain from denying your husband the delight of the sexual intercourse. Sexual abstinence will hold back your healthiness, since that urban legend of making love could damage fetus, is a true lie.

At the event of childbirth, you may choose either cesarean or natural procedure, there are other rather alternative varieties, like squatting or underwater, anyway, you should feel at ease to decide which you most prefer, even considering that things can change at the peak moment.

However beautiful such event is in the couple’s life, not everyone is necessarily obligated to raise kids in order to prove femininity, sexuality involves many more elements, so don’t be mean to yourself, relax and enjoy your lifestyle.

Finally, when you decide its high tide to have children, make sure that there you'll have the emotional, financial and physical means needed. Of course, when dealing with feelings we can’t plan everything. A sexual relationship should be something natural, therefore exciting. If you don’t want nasty surprises, you may prevent pregnancy by wearing condoms. Don’t overlook this!


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