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Sex Fantasies

Sexual Fantasies

Any given sexual fantasy resides in an imaginary world, which belongs only and exclusively to the mind of every human being. And the field of our sex fantasies is immense, so vast. Thus, let's pinpoint sexual as well as erotic fantasies. When referring to sex fantasies we're reporting to a set of factors ranging from personal liking, life stories, hankers to expectations regarding sex. People, by and large, don't share the same sharing and when it comes to sex fantasies discrepancies would stand out outright.

This type of sexual fantasies is otherwise known as pipedream, and with such connotation, the notion of sexual fantasy looks like insane somehow.

It all boils down to parting raw sex from fantasy sex. As sex fantasies stem from imagination, the real side of sex takes place between walls.

Common sense plays major role in clarification with respects to sex fantasies. A sexual fantasy should by no means being flummoxed with reality, to the point of overriding other aspects of life on which would give away a pathological degree of living. Once sex fantasies come to fruition, all that can be done is to take the most as matters beneficial for the sake of sexual relation. What happen is that certain sex fantasies most people would prefer to let be, in the imaginary. In fact, there are particular situations, like strong sexual urges that reflect on our fantasies. To get the wheels of notion into motion is such unique decision and down to individual preference, as there is a fine line drawn between a sexual fantasy and the much lived up experience may not be as gratifying in the real life. Play sensibly and enjoy at large your sex fantasies. It's a crucial factor for the success in inducing sex fantasy indulgence. There are fantasies bound to muster strength, raw power, so contributing to increasingly degree of erotic excitement. On the other hand, some sexual fantasies serve to undermine sex drive. It's the case of a strict education, with judgments of reprove with regards to sexuality. It may trigger conflicting feelings and even emotionally burden sexual hang-ups and therefore a negative response towards sexual stimulation.

In addition, another important factor would be that sex fantasies should be brought into play by all means, so long as common sense gets applied.

Ultimately, never getting headfirst into unappealing sex acrobatics only for the sake of other's sexuality or in other words no charity shags, please. Fulfilling sex fantasies can be as enthralling as healthy; nevertheless, common sense should walk hand in hand. Otherwise, beckoning grapes may turn sour. Self-awareness and reasonability, core fundaments of a sexual relation as healthy as bountiful.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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Sexual Fantasies
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