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 Sexual passion might be defined as the batch of psychophysical sings and symptoms, capable of altering someone’s outlook. In their midst the only one maybe sharing common ground among those in love would be the profound urge to be with the subject of their sexual desire all the time, without the slightest hint of letting go on it even so briefly.
 Sexual passion might come under many guises some not so-healthy though.
 Even so we could fall in love for almost anything, from now on let’s regard sexual passion as the sentiment from one person to another, so that, it could be dealt within the interpersonal scope.
 Happy and gratified become two people whose passion means reciprocative. Still, reciprocity does not mean that their passion rate would the same. Although we might be able to gauge passion by its output, seems as though a rule could be established, one always displays more passion than the other.
 There is a multitude of asymptomatic streaks and sensations wielded by those newcomers in sexual passion matters.  
 There could be cited intestinal tract disorders such as diarrhea and vomit, cardiovascular disrupted patterns like palpitations and fast heart rate. Thus psychological patterns like anxiety build up, mood swings, nostalgia, withdrawal and fixed ideas on the passion subject, disrupted eating patterns as the lack of appetite and, off course, changes in the sexuality scope like arousal and performance issues.
 Figure it all out bonded up together, also some other particularities of each one and presto, there’d be someone at mercy of sexual passion’s.
 Hard to believe that something apparently straightforward could mess up with our metabolic rate and trigger organic rebound of such magnitude.
 But it is plain truth. Who didn’t keep or nurture some deep sexual passion, likely to make us forget what goes around.
 Only those who never fell in love would have doubts about it.
 Being in love and get it back is one the best deeds that someone could lead in life.
In contrast, when sexual passion is single-handed the feelings of rejection and despair could turn life in a living hell. Possibly would prompt some people to insane and totally deplorable acts towards themselves and the subject of their sexual passion.
 Sexual passion can play so much with our demeanors that some of us, simply can live on with the other’s refusal, getting turned into slaves and oblivious to the surroundings.  
 Perhaps most of us have already been left up the garden path, nonetheless managed to carry on with our lives.
 Luckily or maybe not, sexual passion usually means just a spree of wishful thinking, which could cease existing at anytime.  It is as if being hypnotized when someone snapped us out of it all of a sudden.
 Anyhow, while lasting, is such overwhelming feeling and by all means worth its while, mainly if shared.
 Do not be afraid of falling in love, though bearing in mind that anything or anybody could not come first but you. Get ahead of yourself.

By Darci L. D. Janarelli

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