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Sex Terms Sum Up


We usually believe that we know everything when it comes to Sex. It shouldn’t be any other way, since there are no underlying mysteries in sex itself. All the way round if sexuality takes center stage, for it encompasses a broader concept and richer vocabulary. In doing so there might crop up unfamiliar words or expressions even in casual chat, of which being perfectly normal as we’re not obliged to know all.

With that in mind I summed up a listing of sexual terminology in order to provide comprehensive and functional reference’s source for those sticky words:

Anal Sex - Anal penetration to obtain pleasure.
Anorgasmia - Absence of pleasure in sexual relations. Most common causes are organic dysfunction and raumatic psychological factors.
Bisexual - An individual who fells attracted to both men and women and without further alteration to sexual orientation.
Candidiasis -A fungi-like outbreak that is caused by Candida Albicans. It cause infections, rashes, and general discomfort. Its main characteristic being vaginal thrush.
Clitoris - A hood located o­n the vagina’s upper part. It turns hard o­n when excited rendering touch extremely pleasurable.
Coitus - The intercourse itself.
Coitus Interrupted - The act of retrieving (pull out) the penis shortly before ejaculation. Highly inefficient method of preventing undesired pregnancy.
Conception - The very moment of fecundation.
Condom - A.k.a. preservative, it’s a rubberized cap that encapsulates the penis therefore protecting it.
Contraceptives (pill) - Method that averts undesirable pregnancy and STDs.
Dyspaurenia - Intercourse related pain occurring mostly among women Usually related to vaginitis.
Ejaculation - The men’s discharge of semen following orgasm.
Erection - The penis hard-on as men gets aroused. A spontaneous erection may occur as being pulses sent by the brain.
Erogenous Zones - Any spot sensitive to sexual stimulation.
Gamete - A mature sexual reproductive cell.
Gender - The property that distinguishes individuals in their reproductive roles.
Genitals - External Sex organs.
Genital Herpes - An infection caused by herpes virus that is usually transmitted by sexual contact, marked by painful eruptions o­n the skin. There’s no definitive cure known.
Glans - The penis’ head or rounded small-like tip of the penis or clitoris.
Gonads - Gland that produce gametes.
Hermaphrodite - The real hermaphrodite displays both genders.
Heterosexual - Attraction felt by individual of the opposite sex.
Homosexual - Attraction felt by individual as of the same sex.
Hormones - Endocrine secretion produce of glands transmitted to the organ o­n which has a specific effect.
Hymen - Membrane that covers the entrance to the vagina, a.k.a. maidenhead.
Labia - The lip-like shaped skin folds that shape the vagina, being divided in majora and minora.
Lesbian - A woman who fells attracted by another woman.
Masturbation - The act of self-stimulating the genitals as pleasure obtainment.
Menarche - The first occurrence of menstruation in a woman.
Menopause - The period in a woman’s life in which menstruation ceases.
Menstruation - The monthly discharge of blood in non-pregnant women.
Oral Sex - The mouth’s stimulation of the genitals.
Orgasm - The moment of most intense in Sex a.k.a. sexual climax.
Pre-menstrual Tension - May occur in most women, which generates overall discomfort and psychological at times, promoted by hormonal imbalance.
Premature Ejaculation - Sexual dysfunction as lack of control over ejaculation. Men ejaculates before time which impedes partner from reaching orgasm. It causes discomfort, sense of guilty and anxiety.
Prepuce - A fold of skin covering the tip of the clitoris.
Puberty - The “tweens” time. Period in which the sexual development begins and sexual maturity starts to take shape.
Scrotum - The external pouch commonly known as the sac, in which two glands responsible for the spermatozoa production are located.
Semen - A thick white liquid which contains spermatozoa being expelled by the penis.
Sexual Glands - Involved in the production of the sexual hormones. Being the male produced by the testicles and the female by the ovum.
Sexual Identity - Set of biological characteristics like chromosome, genitalia, hormonal composition and sexual characteristics.
Sexual Orientation - Denotes the object of sexual impulses being heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual.
Sex Therapy - A sexual psychotherapy regarded as professional approach in order to administrate sexual dysfunction and couples’ relation’s inadequacies. A brief form of therapy.
Smegma - A white secretion produced by the foreskin or vulva’s lips. Cleansing can inhibit it.
Spermatozoa - The male gamete produced in the testicles.
Testicles - The male reproductive glands.
Testosterone - Male Sex hormone responsible for the male sexual characteristics.
Urethra - Canal through which urine gets discharged and duct for the male ejaculation.
Uterus - A hollow muscle present in female mammals, in which the fetus develops.
Uterus Cavum - The space inside the uterus whose function is to collect the sperm.
Vagina - A canal that lodges the penis and distends to give passage to the baby.
Vaginal Sex - Penetration of the vagina by the penis.
Vaginism - Sexual dysfunction characterized by pain or discomfort during intercourse as consequence of tension builds up. It stems from psychological factors and traumatic experiences such as rape.
Virgin - In a state of sexual virginity or never had sex.
Vulva - Female sexual organ.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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