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Woman Sex and Sexuality

For Females

Historically the female sexuality has always been motive for taboos and controversy. Up until recently talking about the subject meant taboo-like. Parents pursuing a castrating education, would hardly speak, better still, would never approach the subject with their daughters. Such behavior gets explained by the innumerous variables within the myriad of cultures and races.

Even after the sexual revolution the women, many women in my opinion, still find it difficult to exercise thoroughly their sexuality.

If prior were lack of dialogue in family or lack of adequate information about the subject that still exist, currently women have been “victims” of their own fears, bias, besides low self-esteem. I believe that nowadays the competitive world in all its aspects has reinforced a competition between women themselves leading them to a process of exterior change, making her forget changes and interior growth.

There could be translated by the sweaty bodies at fitness centers, women of all ages who pack up clinics of plastic surgery, masks and creams that promise retarding the ageing process, fight off cellulite, much as the dictatorship of trend for the perfect body slender and rectilineal, among others.

Thus, many women self-proclaimed independent and well sorted out, ended up by letting themselves in for such neuroses, and somehow, yet had their sexual lives affected. There are those who believe that so long as attained the perfect figure means that there will be no reason to be swapped by other younger or most beautiful, reflex their own insecurity and low self-esteem.

These women demonstrate insecurity approaching their own sexuality. Many minimize themselves by being unable to reach orgasm, others by failing in reaching a satisfactorily sexual relation, as though the perfect body would be the answer or solution to their sexual issues.

It is interesting to say that in therapy with couples are not males who complain about their partners’ shape, all the way around the majority remark appreciate the contours of their partners.

I am not against spas or plastic surgery, far from that I chiefly believe that a woman can and should employ all resources available in order to feel most beautiful and younger, so long as not becoming hostage of her own appearance. In other words, the ideal is that the external changes come alongside internal changes, thus I swear by, that can be possible.

Clinical-ground experience has showed that sex does not depend on such devices to the benefit of some woman fulfill herself sexually. Therefore, a well-sorted woman is that who likes herself, knows what she wants and what should be done to conquer her objectives and desires.

As for female sexuality, a woman sexually fulfilled, would be that able to tell what she likes, sharing with her partner her doubts, fantasies, desires, knowing how to guide her partner in search for her own pleasure as well as the couple’s.

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

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