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Home -> Sexuality For Couples -> Will vs Obligation

Sex: Will vs Obligation

For Couples

There is a proverb that goes as follows, “when there is will there is a way”. Chiefly, I hold that true, supposedly, the same goes to other cultures. It means that seldom people’s wishes ended up coinciding and thus respect for the other’s will is pivotal so that would living together resemble harmony and civilized a manner.

There could not be otherwise in sex. Meaning that desires between partners seldom share common grounds, in other words, desire, will, urges of oneself hardly ever gets matched by the other.

Regardless of demands by both the man and the woman there is always room left for respect and consideration between them two so-sexuality. An everyday instance being one’s desperate sex craves surpassing the other’s boundaries of placid.

In average sexual complaints at the doctor’s office regard the so far described above. At which point women in for abstinence due to a clash of characters, as they would wind up making excuses to avoid relating sexually or simply fake it outright. As far as these women concern sex became compulsory, so they end up by giving in to the other’s whims and keep at bay further agro.

For the sake of sex there should not be hard to say no, plain and straightforward, though, there should not be forgotten that sexuality suffers both direct and indirect influence of various factors aforementioned. To the best of my knowledge, in this case, women unfortunately still suffer backlashes from a macho-orientated upbringing, whereupon the wish of man should take precedence over the woman’s, hence the difficulty to accept refusal.

My piece of advice for them is that no relationship none whatsoever whether homo or heterosexual survives much longer to lies, silly excuses and feigning. Nobody should ever feel inferior or guilty when refraining from having sex out of the blue, nor should fall in for mind games of the partner only to satisfy her/his needs. Except for cases of sexual boredom, where there is total absence of desire that ought to be dealt with due care in order to minimize relational upheavals, catching up with differences and open dialogue with the partner a must. Basically say yes to sex-linked pleasure and no to strings attached.

Discrepancies may contribute further to wear off relationships, nonetheless; it might as well turn out to be constructive if perceived with due respect and reciprocity so as to strengthened sexual union.

Sex is pleasure it is important not to forget, it is life, love, it is give and take. So, speak your mind, spill the beans and get it off your chest or him/her out of your hair. If relationship is genuine he/she will get it.


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