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Sex, Stress and Sexuality Hindrance


“I’m all stressed out”. Most commonly heard expression that comes across nowadays. We boldly say that people have been employing it for a long time. So then, what causes so much stress on people?

Stress is regarded as one of the major reasons as far as health concerns. Being contemplated with the aims of clarifying its causes and consequences. It can be viewed as a byproduct of some imbalance between surrounding haphazard and individual aptitude, i.e., the ineptitude to fight back against daily demands, whether professional or else.

To address an individual’s personality trait and genetic inheritance would pinpoint a particular mode that each individual tend to respond towards any given state of stress. Stress may be induced by several factors such as marital relationship and familial inter-relationship, work and financial interactions, or personal mishaps, so far, are uncountable the causes that may trigger a state of stress. There would be triggered by an excessive and continuous release of adrenaline in the blood stream. In addition, it sparks physical alterations with direct repercussion on the emotional side, turning the body frail and susceptible to opportunistic diseases.

Moreover, what about Sex? Where is it at in the lives of stressed out folks? That is exactly where we’re getting at.

It’s known that regular physical activity brings about all the goodies present in health and wellness. Sex comprises one of the physical activities with the quickest response-like effect.

I’ve referred here to pristine sexual relation by disregarding anything to do with sex as means of domination and manipulation, let alone bearing a grudge afterwards. After all, this kind of sexual relation apart from giving raise to resentments only induces stress further.

People, by and large, should prize harmony between the body and the mind in their relationships. It’s no use when your body yearns to saying yes, and your mind tells otherwise, or even both being at odds. It would only set frustrations even further. This so-called topnotch sexual activity implies in total give-and-take. First of all, caress and touching on the most sensitive spots at the foreplay, secondly, set in motion mutual trading of the five senses. There would switch lovers off from the outside world and all that. In entering a total commitment’s phase, we would turn selfish within some sort of sexual complicity set up, willing to solely give and take, unable to make sense, for we shouldn’t even think about anything else rather than pleasant sensations invigorated by such unequal moment as awesome as undescriptive. Therefore, the bigger give-and-take the better sexual performance, more focus on such a magic moment further satisfaction experienced afterwards. It treads on a beautiful path, being followed by a period of physical depletion and even mental fatigue. Experiencing a sense of soothing and relaxation would produce wonders like self-satisfaction and build up self-esteem, so that such state of tranquility would give a fresh motto to overcome daily difficulties as a lenient mode to look upon problems. It won’t take away your problems, but render them easier to solve since viewed from a pleasure angle. It’s hard made easier.

Sex wrapped up in quality and affection, reciprocity and reassurance, contributes to self-knowledge that in turn offers emotional support to face day-to-day adversities. All out, sex is good for the heart, skin, the entire body, and spirit. To live up sex safely with plenitude would keep stress at bay. You can forget about being all worked up.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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