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Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment

Sexual Offenders

I had my first orgasm when I was very young while playing "horsey" on the arm of the couch. The feeling was so heavenly I started doing it every chance I got. I must have humped every single chair in the house by the time I started puberty.

Now I'm married with a set of teenagers of my own. I have one boy and a one girl. For some reason, I still have the same hunger for sex and masturbation as I ever had. I heard that people generally experience a decrease in their sex drive as they get older. I don't believe it, at least not for me! I think a lot of middle aged and older adults just don't like to admit they still have a big sexual appetite. I guess it seems more mature if you appear to have all your sexual urges under control. Nevertheless, I feel like I can admit to myself and in my writing that I am still as horny as ever inside.

When I'm at home alone, I wear a house-coat with nothing on underneath. I do this so I can masturbate without worrying about someone coming in and finding me naked. I've had some close calls; like when my son came home early from school one day while I was having orgasms with my vibrator and a porn magazine on the couch! I slid the magazine and the vibrator under the couch real quick when I heard the door opening and sat up in my house-coat. I know I was shaking from the close call, and my face must have been very flushed! I don't think he could tell exactly what was going on, but I'm still not sure if he knew I was hiding something.

I once read a story about a woman who always used a paint brush to masturbate. This really turned me on for some reason. After masturbating vigorously for quite some time one day, I was so sexually aroused that I had an overwhelming urge to try something new. I went out and bought some paint brushes to try the woman's technique. She wasn't kidding. After a few minutes, the pleasure was so intense I forgot all about the fact that I was using a paint brush on my clit. I got so into this new technique that I was eventually mashing the brush against myself in mindless ecstasy! The great part about it was how the bristles spread out all over every part of my vagina while I was pushing the hard part underneath against my clitoris. There were plenty of groans, moans, screams, and sighs bouncing off the walls that day!

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

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Sex Offenders
Sexual Crimes: What To Do? _ Let’s face it, not a nice subject, or something that everyone feels comfortable with to talk about. But, to proceed after being victimized of sexual abuse can turn rather distressing for anyone in such dire strait...

Sexual Crimes


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