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Anal Sex

Anal Sex

Do not try to readjust the dial. It pinpoints masturbation, anal sex and sexuality as subjects at hand. We really are careening down to where people feel free to discuss masturbation, anal sex and sexuality as safety measures. Safety and masturbation seemed cut for the job so should safety procedures for anal sex and masturbation. Can’t we tell the difference?

When the bottom line is sex, with total disregard to theme, there are always reasons for troublemaking. In a context as such anal sex remains one of the most controverter. Perhaps being it the last bastion, the “last” taboo to be debunked.

It’s certainly harmless to start with, no pregnancy inducing, yet, as long as performed with special care, in mutual agreement, there might be pleasurable a way to give an take between homo and hetero couples.

Among men it shares great popularity and there those who claim it to be their preferable modality. Among women controversy abound.

Some say that enjoy it and that it’s their preferable modality. Others call it painful, uncomfortable, by relishing on it discreetly- only just pleasing a partner, or simply discarding it altogether. There is whoever rates it “disgusting” reveling their beliefs and cultural values.

Hence its name, stands for done in the anus, so then, what about getting on top of that?

Before getting started takes good local hygienize, after all the rectal mucosa and the rectum final portion of the digestive tract, through where flush the feces, are contaminated places, mainly, by bacteria that may provoke infections, as well as a string of sexually transmitted disease besides AIDS and B Hepatitis. Therefore wearing condoms is compulsory.

The rectum linen is highly sensitive, less so lubricated than the vagina. It goes without saying that the anal dilatation is narrower than the vaginal-one. Apllying lubes it’s essential, do not go cheap on yourself, for the relation to keep semblance of more pleasant, within bearable or not a hint of pain.

Pain during anal relation shares same causes of the vagina- lack of lubrication and high tension build up rate. Hence the fears of pain, uncertainty whether undergoing or not, being at unease with sex partner or unwilling to carry on are factors that hamper so-needed relaxation of a relationship in for barely sexual pleasure.

The anal duct is quite short approximately 3cm. As of bearing certain essential attributes to the intestinal functioning it features two sphincters, being one internal-of involuntary control, and one external – of voluntary control. Experts argue that the sphincter is easier and the first to relax. In contrast, the internal-one requires longer period to relax hence the time it takes to relax before gearing into whole penetration, whether with a penis, dildos, vibrators or butt plugs. According to field specialists when the internal sphincter is not fully relax the anus may suffer a reflex contraction during penetration resulting in rather painful onset.

The manner as of how someone perceives his sexuality and that includes the line of perception regarding sex, should by all means be respected. His values pertain to his apprentice. So if she/he regards anal sex as a sin, or dirty, a sex partner must respect such creed.

So far in anal sex indulgence certain rules exist that should not go overboard in that condom, loads of lube, extra care taken and above all plenty of tenderness.

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

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