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Sex Relation versus Sexual Commitment

For Couples

“John, who done sex positions with Teresa, who performed sexual positions for Raymond, who did Maria, who masturbate Joaquin, who gave head to Lily, who love nobody but read Kamasutra.

John went to the States to try his hand at performing sex positions, Teresa to a Monastery where masturbation ran freely, Raymond died from accident and no sex charity, Maria turned auntie from sexual burn out , Joaquin committed suicide, and Lily married J.Pinto Fernandez who didn’t play a part in history but for all that enjoyed sexual positions”.

This is a poem by Carlos Drummond de Andrade, o­ne of the best Brazilian poets from the last century. It talks about sexual acrobatics from Kamasutra over unfulfilled masturbatory dreams, sexual fates, new sexual affairs, so far emotions that make part of any given human relationship.

Such is the way that I interpreted this poem when I read it for the first time back at high school. Back then, seeing youngsters’ making out before getting engage was quite common. In addition, kids nowadays would rather have it off right away.

As far as sexual relation goes it comes down to personal preference. From naivety of love to raw sex- to make love, bang, have it off, be at each other’s, having a sexual affair implies in attaining sexual pleasure whether alongside feelings or not. Therein lays sexual commitment. Constant sex partner swapping implies in liability, seeing that if there isn’t any kind of prevention there always be the likelihood of undesired pregnancy hanging besides both acquiring STD’s or even the dreadful AIDS.

Sexual commitment entails respect for feelings and for the body; respect for feelings and body of sex partners too, to comply with contraceptive methods and safer sex against sexually transmitted diseases, being certain to rest assured of significance and goals in sexual affair for you and sex partner; being sincere towards feelings and sexual desires so that will be no doubts o­n goals whether emotionally or sexually.

Everybody lives up and pursues sexual pleasure and love. Love maybe either platonic or real, it may remain as simple tenderness or might move from caress to a full blown sexual intercourse. Affairs depicted in the poem mention no AIDS pandemic or STD’s infections but it’s known that such appalls exist and stakes are piling up. To instances sexual diseases, means of contagion, spreading, mutations and treatments can be found in the Internet.

On top of that, health professionals alike give advice and clarify sticky doubts. Loving is wonderful. To make love is even better and bound to be successful when commitment comes into play. Always playing safer sex with assertiveness or by no means let it happen.

Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist


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