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Sex and Contraceptives


Contraception means chosen pregnancy, by the way, keeps up a woman's health, preventing that such woman from becoming a would-be-mother against her will, which in itself seemingly bad enough.

It's with contraceptive prevention that abortion may be avoided and by so doing such control; further assurance could be achieved against racial suicide.

Before using any type of contraceptive method, should a doctor be sought for counseling on which option suits best.

Of major significance in such aspect of choice making of contraceptive method, people ought to be well informed about the sex act itself, more ´precisely about the frequency and duration of the sexual intercourse. I will not carry on tribulation over details, only for the sake of sexual information.

So then, why is this sort of knowledge necessary in choosing a contraceptive method?

Because on top of anything, the contraceptive methods should be adapted to each one's needs.

Therefore, the doctor of preference must know well his patient in order to establish choice criteria.

Also, four criteria of hallmark importance exist and which become for staple elements in the search for the most adequate contraceptive method.

Must be safe, otherwise, it detours from main goal.

Mustn't be health hazardous;

Simplicity, that is, shouldn't applicability turn out something too complicated;

Shouldn't interfere in the natural course of sexual rapport, let alone in its provided sexual pleasure.

Every single contraceptive has its advantages and disadvantages, so much so as its safety curve, in other words, some are safer than others are.

Mostly known contraceptive methods are, though.

Coitus interrupted, otherwise as known as the retrieval. This method consists in withdrawal of the penis immediately before ejaculation. Better off, employed by men who are able to hold themselves back until the woman has experienced a full-blown orgasm. This method comes to illustrate a basic principle of contraceptive methods, which is necessary to bear with any sacrifice in exchange of obtained security.

Perhaps due to that, the so-called birth control is being described as a way of self-control.

This method by no means considered safe. Nevertheless, when a man is capable of exerting the aforementioned control measure, in that, doubtless, a certain degree of security. It's imperative that the man takes on board the effect exerted upon the woman ever, for any measure adopted. Shouldn't the retrieve ever being employed if couldn't she reach orgasm before him pulling his penis back. Despite its disadvantages, this method is widely employed in that involves two basic reasons;

It's cheap, costless, and doesn't require preparatory manipulations, it's psychologically better accepted, since men prefer this method in detriment to else.

Condoms, with no doubt the simplest and the most employed contraceptive so far.

Many factors hinge on its quality. As long as quality is good and source reliable, this preservative is adequate to the need of a man with good erection. Often takes place that layering the penis with a fine rubber pellicle reduces sensibility slightly. Whence there's also a price to be paid for safety. To be applied should be unrolled carefully on the erected penis, avoiding letting air in. Its outer layer should be moisten lubricated with jelly water based lubricant, being particularly useful when vagina is dry.

Afterwards, pull it off whilst penis still erected, avoiding spilling sperm and condom slipping out. Complaints about condoms failure always come up, but investigations reveled that in the majority of cases, ultimate failure occurs, but not because of the method itself, but by careless fitting. Jelly contraceptives, employed mostly as a back up support for other precautions, but provides lubrication as well. Quantity stills its most frequent doubt. A quite safe rule is to use a teaspoon measurement. There is much other jelly, creamy, gummy; whose quantity applied is roughly same. Even when employed on its own, evidently, it's better than not using anything, although alongside another method increases safety tenfold. Its function bears spermicides.

Calendar method of birth control, based on refraining from intercourse during the period when ovulation is most likely to occur.

The douche technique, quite safe in itself, besides being a permanent method of hygiene.

As a deficient cleansing of the vagina may means that, evidently, the semen may not be expelled thoroughly.

Vaginal diaphragm, a contraceptive device consisting of a flexible dome-shaped cup made of rubber or plastic, it is filled wit spermicide and fitted over the uterine cervix.

Contraceptive pill, this one offers hundred percent protection when taken accordingly.

Containing estrogen and progestin to inhibit ovulation and so prevent conception.

Vaginal suppository and gel, divided in three main types, glicerogelatine, cocoa butter and soap suppository. Melting at slightly lower temperature than the body core. Amongst its advantages are, no need to conceal somewhere, as the condom, neither require application devices. Don't interfere in the range of sex act. Their objection being costly and messy.

Aerosol spray, offer a high degree of protection even when employed alone. Neither man nor woman becomes aware of its presence. Very easy to use.

Graffenberg's ring; a ring made of stainless steel so non-allergenic. Inserted on the uterus cavity, in front of the main aperture, reaming in such position for about a year.

Contraceptive methods employed alongside and combined may offer better security.

Condoms also help preventing diseases sexually transmitted.

As frequency, duration and obtained sexual pleasure in a sexual relation stem rather from the security feeling offered by chosen contraceptive method. Hence, to discovery, the best out of sexual life is also to choose the best out of life, and that means selection.

Contraceptive methods exist and create conditions to be chosen. Prevent yourself, for you're better off than remedying afterwards

Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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