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Sex and Sexual Atraction

For Couples

By and large, societies adopt a system of norms and moral values in order to regulate sexual activity. Such establishment being different in each society. So long as sexually driven relation between genders fall under certain social norms, humankind distinguishes itself sexually from the other animals sex life.

Society isn’t bound to solely establish what is permited and what is prohibited insexual orientation matters.So far, it influences the most intimate and difuse sexual feelings of its members.

The variations on notions of aesthetics and means of free sex expressing in different societies, and from one period to another within the same society,are anything but a good example of such influence.

By the end of the nineteenth century, large breasts, wasp-like waist line and wide hips made even wider by corselet wearing, were the sought after physical attributes a male would wish on a female sex partner.

Otherwise,the almost breastless and fragile maiden with slightly round tummy, would rob nights of sound sleep from the brave Middle Age knights.

Between one culture and another, customs and differences in tastes as well as sexual orientation discrepancies are even bigger.

The scar ridden faces, gestures and dances of women from certain African tribes; or the tiny feet, the fragile look and the creeping-like walk of the Chinese women, all of which would hardly look sexually attractive to an occidental man with all things sex at his door way. on the same token, a bone pierced nose and viril attitude as sexual orientation of a native from Papua-New Guinea wouldn’t be considered as sensual by an american or european woman after free sex kicks.

The most diverse notions of physical beauty not always bear an immediate erotic and sexual significance. Take for instance “the botoque”, which renders prominent the lower lip of some brazilian indians, it wasn’t exactely envisaged to heighten sexual attraction. But, since it symbolizes prowes and virility, both highly prized sexual qualities in men,it may eventually play this sexuality role.

Therefore, men and women aren’t considered attractive by physical attributes alone, but by the cultural significance therefore attributed to certain physical characteristics.

In our society, family, groups of friends, means of publicity, literature and network broadcast are the primary influences that set up the notions of aesthetics and sexuality in vigor. An individual, crossing-over such a melting pot of patterns with his own sex life experience, develops an idealized image of a person he would like to keep as a sexual-partner.

There wouldn’t run short of examples in this sense. In the west, the Hollywood movie industry contrived the blue eyed blonde-like girl as the beauty standard and sex symbol to go by.

The ideal male and female image shares a certain relation with those who play important roles in our lives, even in adolescence still. In this case, by passing along cultural patterns of male and female sexual endeavor, beauty and attitude towards sexuality.

It’s admissible that such an image might include elements whether of the mother, sister and even teacher or from the father, brother and professor. And yet, some music or cinema artist.

However, such influences not always come into play under a simple mode, through simple imitation. It occurs albeit a mixing of influences.

As a matter of fact, whether finding someone good-looking or not is opinion forming linked to various factors. Many of which linked to psychological aspects of the individual.

Some other factors stem from social origins. Above all, one’s ugly might be someone else’s beauty. once living in a complex globalize society, diverse beauty standards share the same space. The vast majority of the world population lacks of the so-called phenotype of High Couture.

Nobody should get upset from not looking quite like those male and female models from the cat-walk. By the way, in my opinion, too harsh a concern about beauty tends to impoverish an individual’s essence.

By Jonatas Dornelles

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