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Sex: The Indispensable Aftermath


In all pieces of literature, from tales to spicy narratives, the set up of a text usually respects a sequence of beginning, middle and end.

Drawing a parallel between literature and sex, there could be said that the aftermath of sexual relation should also be written in great style.

According to Masters and Johnson, physiological alterations that occur during a sex act, since the arousal phase in foreplay until the aftermath of sex, are interdependent and ought to follow a pattern of arousal-plateau-orgasm-resolution.

The sexual climax that most of times characterize itself by orgasm, perhaps for the vast majority of people, represents the peak of pleasure sensations up until then in store, in spite of it the foreplay and the aftermath shouldn't deserve less attention.

The aftermath of sex has profound significance, mostly for the female universe, consequently, with huge discrepancies in the behavior of males and females, being regular complaints by their side in relation to this period.

For men, physiologically speaking, the aftermath of sex has its beginning with the loss of penial intumescence, which coexists with a sudden loss of desire and sexual interest.

In this period, blood flows rapidly out of the penis and pelvic organs, which results in loss of erection and beginning of the refractory period. The vast majority of men try to get away from their partners, mainly from physical contact, being such conduct instinctive sometimes.

A major reason for some is the fact of hyper sensibility of the penis after orgasm, which at times may turn touch uncomfortable or even painful. Yet, the soothing sensation of lethargy and weakness experienced has its explanation by the relaxation of musculature, which was flexed and strained during sexual intercourse.

Psychologically, the aftermath of sex doesn't impart great significance for men.

As for women, certain unusual events take place post sexual act.

In a woman, the decline time of arousal is much longer than compared to a man, which turns her highly responsive to new sexual stimuli shortly after orgasm, being the refractory period non-existent.

Some women, post-orgasm, remain excited and ready for a new sexual intercourse, nevertheless, not having their desire sassed out by partners in most instances, poising the most liberals to rely on masturbation as means of satisfaction.

Due to a non-dissociation love-sex, typical of the female behavior, a woman in this period likes to feel reassured, prizing physical contact that may come in form of hugs, caress and/or cuddles. Romance is almost a rule for them.

Despite looking as though men and women discord altogether about what should be done after sex, the state of affairs mustn't be obligatorily so complicated.

If there's a hint of knowledge about intimacy and complicity between couples, there will be likely to be found a highly pleasurable solution and that certainly would live a degree of satisfaction quite reasonable for both.

Always emphasizing that sex is very good, but done with love is even better.

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

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