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Sex, Love and Relationships - Part I

For Couples

It’s sexuality galore on this totally sex-charged piece. Another chapter on sexuality considerations and a contemplation of sex as means of bonding sexual relations.

Experience that enchants and hassles invigorates the soul and renders it vulnerable, already described as "a mild-like fever, highly interesting to be acquired" - love. More specifically, the romantic love. A persistent theme of the occidental poetry ever so often dealt in romances, plays of theater and cinema alike. It's yet to be known if the different cultures and societies of humankind tackle the same way such fever- the so-called love.

According to certain theories, love is a two-blade knife. May encompasses an enormous creatively power, inspiring of great pieces of literature, music and paintings. For the sake of love, one fights for reaching success, fame and fortune. on the other hand, there might be destructive, "without your love I have no reason to live", it's said in the poignant farewell messages. Daily, a substantial number of unfulfilled lovers, the world over, gets carried away to commit suicide.

"I found the truly love, am gone". An out of the blue morning, she drops the kids at school and literally disappears. Otherwise, he does a runner to live beside his new beloved one, not hesitating in abandoning his family, offloading on the woman's shoulders all the responsibility burden of providing for the kids alone. And not only in the harmony of marriages have those impulses of passion interfered. Crowns and kingdoms being despised, positions and careers abandoned over night.

Moreover, it's not surprisingly that in certain societies, likewise the traditionalist Japan and India for instance, love's cloud ninth considered an anti-social attitude. When falling in love, a girl or guy might be putting at risk interests and social values in detriment of personal delights. If in this case only love leads to marriage, the union might be inadequate. Which might result in a set back not only for the couple, but too, for the social group they live.

In other societies, the love of romantic kind is short lived and set up before hand, being considered something totally out of the idea of marriage. It's an emotional phase typical of adolescence, as short-lived. The grown ups are tolerant towards love adventures of the youth and the likes. This varies from region to region on Earth. In some places of East Africa, groups of youngsters live together, for a certain period, having all that liberty to interact sexually with their boyfriends and girlfriends.

In Western Samoa, Polynesian island, kids get their first sexual experience with older women, well seasoned, who teach them all the intricacies of lovemaking. It's expected that they pass on their knowledge afterwards, whether as emotionally or as sexually, for young girls about to reach puberty. Marriage has literally anything to do with such apprentice crash course. Marriage is a kind of sidekick-transaction: the boys' family gets to choose the bride, contact between head of families is set up and dowry payments are due as usual.

In the westernized societies, love is institutionalized. Since early stage, youth seem eager for living this experience. In great many people, this search persists throughout life. Jumping from one love affair to another, in search of the perfect woman or man, who would provide them with the ideal of happiness. As it were, a kind of "State of eternal glory".

It's the ultimate case of Don Juan, who jumps from bed to bed, epitomized in an everlasting search for new emotions. This kind of man, being constantly seeking out happiness, reveals inside a sad man, lonely and unfulfilled. Characteristics often seen nowadays in those who live in search of the elusive loved-ones.

By Jonatas Dornelles

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