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Home -> Sex and Sexuality -> Overactive Bladder

Overactive Bladder vs. Sexual Activity


Overactive bladder, also known as OAB, is nothing more than an increased urinary urgency, in some cases leading to incontinence and urinary leakage.

The causes for the OAB are quite unclear yet, but they are related to a muscle called the detrusor that becomes overactive due to reasons like problems in the nerve signals on the area, or the pelvic muscles becoming too loose after labor. This overactivity causes this muscle to contract spastically, giving the woman the feeling that she always needs to go to the bathroom, even shortly after relieving herself. Contrarily to the common sense, OAB is not a normal consequence of aging, although the majority of cases occur in elder women.

OAB can cause someone to look for a bathroom immediately after urges. The person suffering from OAB sometimes need to urinate more than eight times a day, including during the night, causing sleep disruptions or even wet accidents. Of course, this entire situation may cause a strong embarrassment, loss of self respect, not to mention problems at work, stress and of course, problems affecting the woman’s sexual life.

According to studies, all the stress and embarrassment caused by being unable to control urination ends up by diverting the woman’s attention whose focus is supposedly on pleasure as opposed to concern, let alone leakage during intercourse in most severe cases. Evidently, only the stress would be enough to cause a loss of sexual appetite and pleasure response, since we know that pleasure for women is strongly connected to their psychological condition.

There’s not a specific treatment for OAB, as its causes may range from problems affecting the nervous system to muscular tissues, but many researches point out the Kegel exercises as the best alternative. Those exercises help to tighten the pelvic musculature and to increase the woman’s ability to control urination, and present very good results in younger woman. Other treatments such as pelvic floor electric stimulation and vaginal weight training have been used combined with Kegel exercises in treating more severe cases.

By doing Kegel exercises, more than just treating her condition, a woman will be improving her sexuality, since they also help to achieve a better control of her vaginal musculature. In some cases, when OAB is caused by nervous problems, there are some medications that may at least diminish the condition.

It’s very important to say that only as little as 20% of women suffering from Overactive Bladder seek out any form of treatment. In case of any leaking or if you’re having disrupted sleeping patterns from having urges to relieve yourself throughout the night, you should see your gynecologist.


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