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Body Language

Tantric Sex

Body language may be defined as a set of signs that we unconsciously send to people around us, revealing the way we are feeling about our surroundings on the whole. Body language is very important for sex and sexual life. Those signs are unperceptive to most people, but by simply paying attention to gestures, smiles, and the way people behave in general, we may get some good clues about the impression we're causing on a specific person. on the other hand, with such knowledge we're able to shape (or at least influence) the impression of a person about ourselves, sending very subtle messages telling what we want people to think about us.

When it comes to flirting and dating, we may use this information to know if a person have a real interest in us beforehand and then assess if we should change our approach. Both men and women tend to use four main attitudes when sexually interested in someone: eye contact, light touching, smiling and leaning forward. By observing these simple signs you may discover if that person is really into you, since even she's the shyest of persons, she will unconsciously demonstrate something.

Eye contact is essential. Keep your gaze on your partner when he's talking to you, and don't break the contact until he finishes. Researches proved that a constant, fixed eye contact showing interest in what the person is saying may activate some biological reactions in our body. Such reactions act upon our hormones and we may end up feeling attracted too. Touching has even a bigger influence in our sexual response. Our body responds immediately to the touch of another person during the middle of a conversation, even if it happens for less than a second. Women tend to touch a man in their hands, arms and chest to show their appreciation, while men usually focus on shoulders, knees and particularly in the woman's hair.

If a person leans forward while you're speaking, stays on more open, erect posture, with big gestures, smiling a lot and showing the palms of the hands while speaking, she's giving you more important signs of attraction. When both people are attracted, the signs start to be more frequent and the interest more evident, the so-called "chemistry". On the other hand, if a person keeps looking around avoiding to look directly at you, keeping her arms crossed on chest, biting nails and giving evasive answers, it means that whether your date is very nervous and anxious or he's really not attracted to you.

Tricks of the trade for men: when it comes to flirting, women sometimes use their hair as an important weapon. A woman who keeps staring at you smiling and touching her own hair while you talk with her is clearly just waiting for you to move. If she gently bites or licks her own lips while you talk, or if she shows her own tongue while she's talking, that's a very good sign as well. She will also find some subtle ways to bring your attention to her breasts and neck, with some gesture or posture.

Tricks of the trade for women: basically, men change their behavior when the object of their interest is around. They will also stare at you a lot, but guys in general tend to look the other way when you respond. Poking you or touching you in a play way is a good sign too, but if a guy finds a way to play with you hair, bang! He's all yours. The tone of his voice changes when talking to you. He may say something to a friend and in the next moment he says the exact same thing to you, but in a complete special manner. When looking at you, his eyes seem to trace a circle around your face, and then land in your eyes. If he looks into your eyes and then moves to watch your lips while you speak, it's also dead case.


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