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There are over 900 known substances considered sexual stimulants throughout history, nonetheless most of them haven’t resisted the test of time or even left scientific evidence. In fact, there are plenty of myths about aphrodisiacs, what proves once again that when it comes to sexuality and sexual enhancement people can be very inventive and creative.

Since there’s no scientific evidences of the aphrodisiac efficacy, many researchers defend the theory that there isn’t such a substance that’s actually capable to work as sexual stimulant. However the so called precious potion of love doesn’t really exist, most of the substances considered aphrodisiacs, specially certain aliments, have properties of well-being sensations granted to people, what may wind up in enhancing sexuality.

What is certainly proved is that the efficacy of an aphrodisiac depends directly on whether the person using it believes in its effects or not. In most cases the person would feel more excited due to the psychological factors, because he wants to be more aroused, and not because of a specific physical alteration.

Fortunately, not every aliment claimed as featuring aphrodisiac properties is rare, and you won’t have to travel to the Far East spending a fortune to buy it. Despite the myths referring to spices that are really almost impossible to get hold of, you may find aliments with the same stimulant characteristics in your kitchen, or in your local groceries shop.

However, we need to bear in mind that there’s no such a thing as miraculous aliment, which is able to cure impotence, frigidity or STD. Aphrodisiacs are supposed to extend or stimulate pleasure, by yielding good sensations. Aphrodisiacs are not medicines, even if they may actually improve your sexuality. If you’re having further serious problems, it’s better to check with your clinician to find a specific treatment.

A healthy nutrition is essential to a good life in bed. Recent researches have showed that there are four most commonly used aliments that may act as stimulants: garlic, honey, anchovy and wheat germ. Garlic displays antibiotic and antiseptic properties, providing also energy to the body. Recently there was discovered that the main elements that result in the strong and acrid smell of garlic are the same produced by a woman sexually aroused. Bee honey is presented in pictures of ancient erotic books, and it’s currently found in pill form to improve sexuality in many parts of the world. Anchovies are rich in phosphorous, minerals and trace elements that are essential to our body. Oysters are the most well known aphrodisiacs found in the sea, because of their shape and smell remind of the female genitalia, but the anchovies are better quality wise.

There are also plenty of herbs deemed to be good aphrodisiacs, such as basil, mint, and parsley as well as aliments like celery, nuts, chestnuts, almond, watercress and asparagus.The only way to find out if some of these aliments may actually improve sexual life is by trying them, but always use fresh herbs, and avoid adding too much condiments in food. The least you’ll get will be the reputation of a bad cook or even intoxication, depending on the aliment used.

A remarkable aspect of the aphrodisiac effects refers to the phenomenon of association. If a person has a bath with oils from a particular substance believed aphrodisiacal, and in turn becomes relaxed, having a good night of sex and an awesome orgasm, next time he/she smells the scent of those substances, he/she will unconsciously recollect sensations. The person probably will once again feel aroused and excited, even if the aroma of the oils didn’t produce any reaction by themselves. The same happens with herb flavors, fruits, or any type of aphrodisiac.

There’s no perfect aphrodisiac as such, since it depends on several factors, hormone stimulation inclusive. So if someone discovers a complete and 100% guaranteed aphrodisiac, it will be something that may provoke undesirable alterations in the way that our body works. In fact, everything can be aphrodisiac, since every kind of smell, taste, or feel may entice our sexuality. It’s up to you and your partner to try out some of theses suggestions to literally spice up your relationship, and you’ll discover that the best aphrodisiac is the desire itself.


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