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Home -> Pregnancy -> Sex During Pregnancy -> Sex During Pregnancy - Part 2

Sex During Pregnancy


Unlikely what most think, the sexual desire whether female or male ceases not during pregnancy. There might as well the couple become somewhat weary on keeping sexual relations during this period, by fear of a possible abort, premature childbirth or insecurities faced up to this.

If there were any medical restriction regarding sex, it can be performed throughout pregnancy, since the baby lies well protected inside the mother's belly by the water-burse and tightening of the uterine cervix.

Certain doctors sustain that the couple get to maintain sexual abstinence only in the last month of gestation, whilst others indicate that the couple stop having sexual relations only in the last week of pregnancy.

The woman, usually, gets very excited during pregnancy and many report experimenting orgasm by the first time when pregnant. The hormonal level is increasing, and the increase in blood flow renders the female sex more prone to arousal. Some women feel extremely sensual during pregnancy, by breast enlargement and tummy, looking rather femme-like. For some men, the figure of female pregnant is highly exciting, principally by enlargement of the breasts.

There might be spells of lack of sexual interest, mostly at commence and end of pregnancy. Although, these are momentaneous, that happens more from initial emotion on news about the son, the female discomfort in this first phase and given the final discomfort of pregnancy, when her belly I big enough and she can feel pain during sex. Such spells are short and comes down to the couple the dialogue so that will this moment extent.

Yet orgasm during pregnancy is quite benefic, thus, besides exercising the perinea musculature that is highly demanded at childbed. It works as a release valve for anxieties lived up by her throughout this moment.

It is imperative that the couple stay put in harmony during gestation, for mainly the woman needs caresses and attention doubled-up, hence pregnancy renders her more sensitive and vulnerable than she normally is.

Sex means caresses exchange, affection, touch, it does not sum up to penetration. During pregnancy, such trade off could be intensified, leaving penetration to the final moment of the sexual relation.

The in pregnancy couple ends up by having to experiment new sexual positions due to the volume of her belly. It can well be a way of re-discovering themselves as sexual partners and who knows coming to terms with other positions as pleasurable as those already known by the pair.

It is also important to bear in mind that the pregnancy brings out the true colors of the couple. If the duo is in harmony or if are in unsatisfactory relation, sex might as well be good for that. The woman would probably turn to herself worryingly about her baby's well being, and the man would feel more at ease to avoid reaching sexually his woman.

Sex is always good, in any stage of the life of man and woman. It boils down to the couple the dialogue and understanding for this moment, now that active sexuality needs no interruption during pregnancy since orgasm is not reached through penetration alone. The couple can play erotically so that could the flame of desire keep on going, as corner stones of such stage.

By Anne Griza

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