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Home -> Sexuality For Couples -> Sex Attraction -> Sex Attraction II

Sex Attraction

For Couples

When the bottom line means-“I don’t know why the boy next door attracts me so much”, “but he’s kind of alright”. We could come across with this kind of remark, or statement at anytime, given that people seem aware of their sexual tendencies. Although doesn’t mean much.

There’s otherwise a string of factors upon which we always resort when wished to explain why someone would attract us, but the hardest part is to be on top of such attraction.

Roughly there exist two types of stimuli that ensure streaks of sexual attraction, as follows- inner input and outer input.

In fact, desire or libido is anything but humanly patterns likely to make us prone to seeking sexual contact. A sort of magnet, which, off course, depends on brain pathways, in turn played upon by the hormonal level and the complexity of the brain network.

Let us look into the role played by the senses upon the individual’s sexual drive.

The nose, better yet, the sense of smell stands for one of the most powerful sexual turnons.

Deemed as higher rate in attraction as far as sexual behaviour goes and commonly shared by countless species. Sex-linked trace elements in odour namely pheromones released by the females and sensed by the males of same species. It’s through this sign that the males seize their females for mating.

As for the mankind it’s reasoned that the woman, en course of menstrual cycle gives off likewise substance somehow. Alas, it’s debatable whether men would be able to perceive them.

Kissing means affection gesture almost universal.

Touching lips while being sealed up trigger spikes in sexual enhancers, whether subtle or wet, warm or lingering, with saliva swapping or tickling tongues, most of which translates into desire, sexual arouse, libido. Within a kiss the body can sass out crave it hankers up ahead in coupling antics.

So much for hearing is another sharp arousal asset. No wonders that by listening wishful thinking being whispered in the ear is like listening to all sexual gratification churned out in there, and looks all but set for blowing your mind. One shall use and abuse of this sense.

Therein could be inferred that, the surface of the human body is the biggest sexual organ of ilk. Touching yourself or, chiefly your own genitals or someone else’s, comes across as common ground approach and one of the first steps into sexual affairs.

Touching, so-being touched, means paramount, because apart from bringing such a good vibration has got the power by the sexed up overwhelming boost.

The sight is one the primordial sources available in sexual arousal. As far as the man concerns, it stands for his first and foremost. Visual streaks abound within sexual attraction for him, at which point lies beyond sighting the opposite sex’s genitals. To instances few, mannerisms, gaze, body language and yet the dress sense, these are likely input that, while heightening the imaginary capacity of mankind, might turn out to be more attractive than sheer contemplation of bare genitals.

As for attraction patterns, there might be claimed that the physical side in societies plays major role in sexual attraction. A commonly trait to all known cultures would be the notion that sexual attraction lies on grounds of physical endowment, varying a great deal from here to there.

The mouth, alongside the genitals, stands for the erogenous zone, which displays as enormous an erotic charge as exquisite.

And so by the male public fall for the female derriere, is as undeniable as the havoc it wrecked between those turned on by the breasts and the ones who’d go for the buttocks. Alas, being touched there is appreciated by both sexes.

The breasts present another asset towards sexual attraction.

Despite not so visible location, the vulva features first grade erogenous zone accordingly with ratings in sexual approach.

In every society there might exist some aesthetic criteria for the penis girth. A big one, could and deserves being appraised but is by no means parameter when it comes to gauging whether it could yield more pleasure or else.

A great many men can grow edgy if mentioned the size of their penises and likely to seeking medical help.

The vagina can take up any shape in penis’ measurements, no matter how small that is, given the fact that the vagina is more sensitive on its entrance than inside its vault renders any excessive length useless.

And thus smaller penises tend to grow fatter during erection than the big ones.

Reasons why any comparison done in its flaccid state can not tell the size reached in hardon state.

In these days and age, the women seem more concerned about quality in sexual rapport, in that there’s so much need for a well-hung specimen as the pleasure that he could provide.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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