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Home -> G Spot -> The Male G-Spot -> Sex and Male G Spot

Sex and Male G-Spot


Likewise, women, men also possess G-spot, called that way after the German doctor Grafemberg. This spot of the male anatomy is considered the area where a man derives pleasure that is more sexual during sexual relation.

Located according to experts in the prostrate, below the bladder and behind the testicles. When sexually aroused, a muscle called pubic coccygeal otherwise known as the love muscle- a muscle attached to the pubis surrounding the bladder, urethra and rectum to hold them in place, presses against the prostrate. Such pressure against the prostrate being responsible by sensation of sexual pleasure.

The G-spot lays within the male body, and that, when correctly stimulated, wields a pleasure sensation much bigger than what would usually be for a man and prolongs orgasm. Massage can be performed in the area right behind the scrotum sac, before the anus, although probing through the anus is regarded as more effective. This probe takes place during sex-games, normally alongside oral sex.

Not all men would allow such poke-probe feeling willingly. The vast majority don't accept touching anywhere near their anuses let alone penetration. Yet, women don't seem prepared for anal stimulation of their sex partners; for all that, a man with this kind of desire might have homosexual tendencies.

Between polemic and ultimate sex, most couples prefer not to take chances, once a great deal of intimacy between both sexes is needed in order to propose any type of experimentation during the sex act. Without it, there's risk of pushing the boundaries of understanding beyond sensible limits.

Even though people experiment further new approaches in sex, a lot needs to be talked over between partners to prevent misunderstandings.

Whenever one of the two sex samplers don't go by the notion when it comes to sexual relation, it's important to know how to pay attention and show respect so that will respect between the couple continue.

The male G-spot exists by all means, and can be stimulated for the man's sexual sake. If there's uncertainty as to how and where to touch, bear in mind that not only through this spot he can feel pleasure but also through stimulation of other touch-sensitive areas, namely the nape of the neck, nipples, the penis itself, the scrotum and hips.

And yet, probably the first attempt won't be so well succeeded, if stimulated by his women a man may not feel any difference at all. Given time and a better grasp of what is being done, the success tends to increase.

Finally, as far as sex goes it's always wise to experiment what we fancy. If there were resistance at first moment, there can be attempted in some other occasion.

To respect oneself and respect the other's limits is also important, but aiming to fulfill desires as much as possible.


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