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Home -> Alternative Sex -> Fetishism -> Female Foot Fetish

The Female Foot as Object of Desire

Alternative Sex

Much before long female feet have been inspiring sex fetishes and sexual fantasies of men alike.

In ancient China, by and large, men had idolatry-worship by tiny-feet, in as far as young girls would wrapped their feet up in order to off-set growth. This would induce agonizing pain as result of multiple fractures, culminating in feet deformity and atrophy. Though, Chinese women who did let their feet grow naturally were regarded as inferior and marriage disqualified.

This enticement for feminine feet (podiatry) is a type of fetish and its followers known as podiatries. At present owing to freedom of expression in talking about sex, such a preference being more verbalized by men than ever before, who were ashamed of disclosing their preferences fearing backlash as being tagged bizarre. O­nce a foot gets chosen as object of desire, it's still liable to variations regarding personal preferences, hence there those who'd rather worship bare feet, or enclosed in socks, with shoes on, or small feet, and big feet (not the mythical creature, tough), and even dirty feet, with long nails polished or not, and a handful of other nuances.

For the man, to touch his partner's feet, as part of the foreplay, triggers such an intense charge of excitement and desire, promoting a virile erection highly satisfactory in itself in detriment to the excitement threshold achieved. Some may ask themselves- how could a foot indulge pleasure, and its answer can only be given by those of whom really feel attracted by such a body part. For the podolatry a female's foot constitutes a rank of sexual status. During intercourse in the same way that we use to kissing, fondling, liking, and sucking other body parts like breasts, abdominal, lips, neck, ears and genitals of course, so do the feet deserve such an indulgence. Likewise the penis slides between breasts mocking penetration thrusts, the same can be done with feet until reaching orgasm. For those into "Sadomasochism" and with podolatry tendencies, to be stomped and stomp with bare feet makes part of a domination-submission relationship between men and women, being the woman called "Queen" (Dominatrix), who may dominate a significant number of slaves.

Curiously, in having their feet (sole-fingers) caressed with the mouth and tongue some women also perceived an universe of brand new sensations extremely pleasant and similar to a massage session, but with tender , damper and hotter strokes. There are girls who delight themselves by taking notice of such an impact the sight of well groomed feet in sandals can cause in the male population. However, for those women who never felt the sensations of caress on their feet but are willing to do so, I hereby drop a hint - choose any given day to pedicure and render them smooth and soft. Employ creams or aromatic oils before initiating preliminaries and have your companion to proportionate an erotic massage session on your feet, using his mouth, hands and why not his penis. Allow yourself such experience. If you didn't enjoy it, at least you tried. So, if you like it, why not including in your sexual agenda only for the fun of it as part of your preliminaries or even as foreplay. It may turn out to be extremely gratifying. All it takes is trying, since there's nothing to loose and a lot to gain.

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

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