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Sex and Sadomasochism

Alternative Sex

Sadomasochism is the sexual practice whose preference lies in activities that inflict pain, humiliation and/or subservience. By its characteristics held at low regard by the society finds itself enlisted in the sexual deviations clinically denominated as paraphylia.

Such expressions sadism and masochism were associated, respectively, to the name of two authors Donatien-Alphosen-François-Sade and Leopold von Sacher Masoch, from displaying bizarre sexual demeanor.

In sadism sexual pleasure stems from the need or desire to submit other to pain or humiliation in a relation. Donatien-Alphonse-François-Sade - 1740-1814, aka Marquis de Sade, writer, got known for describing the pleasure in torturing and humiliating the partner in order to derive sexual satisfaction.

Alongside the texts that would shock everybody, his customs and the use of violence in seeking pleasure led him to spend 29 of his 74 years in prisons and asylums for mentally disable people. His text Dialogue of a Preacher and a Moribund had shocked even the director of the presidium where he was, being forbidden to write. In another institution- Le Bastille prison, he wrote that which is considered his masterpiece The 120 days of Sodom; otherwise known as School for Libertines, whereupon he depicts hundreds of variations of sexual instinct.

In masochism the sexual pleasure seeker finds oneself at ease to feel pain or being humiliated in sexual congress. The expression was connected to the name of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, lawyer, professor, journalist and writer, died at the age of 59 confined in an asylum. According to his bibliography Leopold had such a haphazard childhood, beaten up by the father, apart from being obliged to lick his auntie's feet, of whose he would peep while she performed with her lover games of flagellation and submission. In adulthood Sacher -Masoch began to repeat such demeanor in his sexual repertoire, demanding bodily punishments and licking shoes of his mistresses' so-orgasm reaching, in other words, his intent and sexual desire were intimately interconnected and centralized on compulsion by pain and humiliation. In his piece of work Die Damen in Pelz- "The Venus in fur", published in 1809, he described such games in detail.

Erotic asphyxiation - such dangerous practice that may lead to death, whereupon someone employs a rope or some such around the neck that can be tensioned, hanging oneself ever so slowly, intensifying one's orgasm; also can ask the partner to so strangle, bondage and dominance- practice of tying oneself to bed, dominatrix- a women who exerts the sadistic role, the slave-one who enjoys submission, flagellation - by means of whips, canes or flogs, clamps, slings and cuffs- metal devices cunningly placed on sexually sensitive spots , leather, denim and vinyl- whoever can't help the feeling derived from leather gear, military attire, rubber, pvc and the like. Popular made jargons of everyday sex-linked pleasure seeking.

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

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