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Home -> Sex and Sexuality -> Sex Myths -> · Sex Myths (Jul 18, 2005)

Sex Myths


Curiosities, preconceived ideas along with taboos and loads of myths encompass the sexuality domain.

Information is never enough, so much for the realm of sexuality. It takes constantly getting on top of things so as to come to terms with relationships sexual-affective.

Considering all the intricacies as well as myths mulling people's heads regarding sexand sexuality, some clues might help demystifying oldwife's tales.

As follows:

- The sexual act only takes place with vaginal penetration - other than vaginal penetration a sex act encompasses many variations as in oral sex, anal sex, and clitoral stimulation. What really counts is sexual pleasure. A penial penetration in the vagina is only one of them.

- Women tend to be less sexed up than men - there's no difference as such, as sexuality bears the same for both genders.

- Sterilization affects sex, diminishing libido - Any surgical procedure of this nature would only prevent pregnancy, not altering sexual desire at all.

- Size matters - In the general consensus, it's bread and butter. However, what really counts for the ultimate sexual performance is penial rigidity or hardness at the act of penetration, much like thrusting to and fro. Pleasure doesn't stem from size.

- A man should express his feelings - a man is entitled to express feelings just like any other human being regardless of gender inculcation.
sex is good only if orgasm gets reached simultaneously. Absolutely peanuts. sex means apprentice, much as respect to the other's limits. Arguably, when a couple reaches orgasm simultaneously should be such ultimate sensation.

- A man can't say no to sex - Says who? A man should say no to sex, by all means. With so much stress and odds piling up, all of which may contribute to fatigue build up, but it shouldn't become a deterrent to men's sexuality.

- To fulfill sexual fantasies is out of order - all the way around, sexual fantasies are anything but bottled up desires, which can and should come out at sex time. Do your best and accomplish it, always holding your sex partner's limitations accountable.

- Unprotected anal sex leads to pregnancy - condoms should be worn at all times, as spermatozoids might slip from the perineum area into the vagina although highly unlike.

- A woman, usually bleeds at her first sexual experience - that's not a rule, as women's physiology however biologically alike, do have their own lilt. In penetration the hymen tends to rupture, but it comes in all shapes and thickness, take your pick.

- Overdoing masturbation leads to male impotency - a whollotta of old cobblers.

- Masturbation grows hair in your hands - none whatsoever. Ask a bald person.

In brief, educational background alongside cultural impingement feedback on misconceived ideas about sex and sexuality.

Last but not least, thrive for open dialogue, self-knowledge and intimacy bonds with partner, rendering sexual relation a walk in the park.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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